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You do, or we can if you prefer or venue staff. Most bride/grooms/hosts/CEO's prefer to pour the tower. We provide you with full pouring instructions upon booking, and liaise directly with your event coordinator at your venue also to organise bump in/bump out logistics and providing them with pouring instructions also if required. 

If your venue requires Champagne Tower staff to assist in pouring at your event, then staff hire is an additional cost AS PER BELOW, and you need to add this to your booking when booking in along with travel to your location. Staff hire is available for upto 4 hours.

Staff hire includes our staff setting up and popping the champagne ready to assist you in pouring or pouring it themselves, dispersing the glasses, waiting for everyone to drink, then collect and clean the glasses before packing eveything away for collection.


  The hire of our staff is based on you pouring the tower at the beginning of the event.  If you are pouring later in the event then additional staff hire costs apply. 

staff hire

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