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Thanks for booking a Champagne Tower. You will receive pouring instructions shortly, and we will get in touch with your venue to confirm everything else.

All our towers are subject to the following terms and conditions.


All prices are valid as per website.  Prices are subject to change without notification to cover un-forseen changes within the industry.  

All quotes provided are via email and are based on your original email inquiry/booking and may include any additional fees that are applicable that were disclosed at time of  you placing the email inquiry or booking.

Once the deposit/payment has been received your booking is confirmed and secure.  Payment signifies your agreement to these terms and conditions. Final payment for all towers is due 28 days prior to the event unless otherwise arranged.

A $3.50 credit card fee applies to all credit card transactions.  TO BOOK A $350 DEPOSIT IS PAYABLE.  and our associated website  operate under the company Canic and Co Pty ltd, which you are invoiced from accordingly.  All services, event packages from these sites are invoiced from Canic and Co.  


If you cancel your booking after making payment your tower and no less than 21 days prior to the event, you money will be refunded LESS the $350 deposit - no exceptions. If you cancel 21 days or less no monies are refunded - no exceptions. We refund within 28 days of cancellation directly into your bank account.  All cancellations must be in writing via email.

During pandemic lockdown  please note cancellations are allowed however monies are not refunded until 28 days post lockdown release.  You can reschedule your tower at any time for any date.


Its a given glasses will get broken.  We only charge your credit card post event for 4 or more glasses lost/not returned/broken.

If the entire tower falls down (never has happened), then your credit card will be charged immediately for the entire cost price of the glassware. 


Champagne Towers does not accept any responsibility for any damage, injury or harm caused by a champagne tower during a function to the hirer or any of its attendees, or any furniture, fixture or fitting that the tower is placed on. The hirer' assumes all liability should any tower fall during the function, and indemnifies Champagne Towers from and against all costs, claims, expenses and losses suffered by the hirer' and guests.

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