Yes you will need a table for the tower to be built on.

Your venue can provide you with one or you can hire a plinth from us.

Gold Round Plinth is $200

Clear Square Plinth is $250

When you do provide a table, make sure it is; Not wobbly, the ground is level and is in a location where it wont be bumped, so do not place it near the table with all the children at a wedding. 

For our Grand Towers we do provide plinths with the towers.  If you don't want the plinth please note it does not alter the price.  If you want the table/plinth clothed your venue should assist, otherwise we can provide cloth and floral styling at an additional cost. 

At weddings many couples like to place the tower where it can be seen.  The larger the tower the more impressive it is so make sure you give it the limelight it deserves. 
The location of the tower greatly depends on what time you are pouring it


You do, or we can if you prefer or venue staff. Most bride/grooms/hosts/CEO's prefer to pour the tower. We provide you with full pouring instructions upon booking, and liaise directly with your event coordinator at your venue also to organise bump in/bump out logistics and providing them with pouring instructions also if required. 

If your venue requires Champagne Tower staff to assist in pouring at your event, then staff hire is an additional cost of $300 for 5 hours of service when hiring a minimum 6 tier tower or more.

If you are hiring a 4 or 5 tier tower staff hire is an additional cost of $240 for 4 hour minimum.

Staff hire includes our staff setting up, waiting for the time to pour, pouring the tower, dispersing the glasses, waiting for everyone to drink, then collect and clean the glasses before packing eveything away, including removing and rinsing the drip tray.  The hire of our staff is based on you pouring the tower at the beginning of the event.  If you are pouring later in the event then additional staff hire costs apply.  If you are having a tower outside in a park.  Please note you will need staff to stay on site and a minimum 4 hours is required. 


You do - we dont supply champagne.

The number of bottles you require is listed on this website per each tower.


From experience we believe the tower is best poured at the beginning of the event.  At a wedding, many couples like to have the tower setup in a 'best to view' location so all guests can see it upon arrival - this may be a foyer/reception area or the dance floor.
If you are setting up in either of these locations then best to pour at time of the arrival to get it out of the way.  These days all of the formalities are undertaken at a wedding at the beginning of the reception within the first 1-1.5 hours.

For Corporate events many clients wish to pour this at the conclusion of an event or mid-way through - if this is the case make sure it is placed in a distinct 'of to the side' location -  after people have a few drinks the tower can be easily forgotten about if it was placed in a central location and is more prone to be knocked over.


Champagne Towers are impressive structures and look amazing when being poured. They are a great photo opportunity. When deciding on which sparkling/champagne to use consider the following;
- Is the tower going to be disassembled and ALL glasses used for a toast?
- Do all guests like drinking champagne/sparkling?
- Is this just for a toast and photo opportunity, with minimal guests drinking?

In answer to the above questions we advise on purchasing the following types of sparkling/champagne;
- If the tower is going to be disassembled and ALL glasses used for a toast then it is best to use a good quality sparkling/champagne.
- If the majority of guests like drinking champagne/sparkling then best to use a mid range sparkling/champagne to minimize wastage.
- If the tower is just for a toast and photo opportunity, with minimal guests drinking then we advise on doing a part pour with a good quality sparkling/champagne or a full pour with mid range champagne/sparkling.


A full pour is using ALL the champagne bottles to completely fill every single glass. This includes the pouring aspect and then the follow up pour of all inner tower glasses also. 
A part pour is using upto 2/3rds of the required bottles to part fill the tower. This includes the pouring aspect, but does not include pouring all the inner tower glasses. You dont use as many bottles of champagne with this pour.

It’s a given that not all glasses will fill totally up when pouring and there will be quite a bit wastage in the drip tray below. Many inner glasses within the tower wont completely fill and will need to be filled as the tower is disassembled and disbursed.


Delivery/travel charges are applicable for all champagne tower hires with or without staff hire, that is because sometimes our towers don't arrive with the staff person and are independently setup prior to their arrival. At time of completing the booking form you will be able to tick any one of the following which is applicable to your venue location.
Inner Melbourne/Gold Coast(suburbs located upto 10kms from CBD) = $69 
Outer Melbourne/Gold Coast(suburbs located 11kms-30kms from CBD) = $79
Out-Out Melbourne/Gold Coast(suburbs located 31kms-45kms from CBD) = $99
Right-Out Melbourne/Gold Coast(suburbs located 46kms-60kms from CBD) = $120
Regional Melbourne/Gold Coast(suburbs located 61kms to 100km) = $150

All other areas to be quoted.
These delivery charges INCLUDE ONLY NEXT DAY PICK UP.  If you need a late night pickup the following additional charges apply and will be added to your invoice when you book. 
Late night pickup on the same day before 9pm = the same delivery rate applies to your location.
Late night pickup on the same day after 9pm but before 1am = $160
Before you book check with your venue if a late night pick up is required. 
If you have hired staff with your tower in some circumstances, they may take the tower with them - this all depends on what time you are pouring the tower and how many hours you are booking the staff person for - email us to discuss.